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Sunday, September 24th, 10:00-11:30

Meeting location will be shared with guests prior to the event.

About this experience

Rejuvenate the soul with salutations to the sun and sea. Increase health and mindfulness with this deeply nourishing yoga experience. Absorb the enchanting sounds of the ocean, stretch the body, the soul, and the mind, and reflect on those higher values that are most compassionate and essential. The ancient practice of yoga and breathing has long been known to promote health and wellness, and in this session, meditation, movement, and inner reflection will be a part of the experience.


About your host

Trishna Horvath is a much loved yoga teacher that creates yoga retreats and cultural arts immersions programs locally and globally. When she is not in Bolinas, find her on the Island of Crete, or on the shores of Croatia, guiding guests through yoga and breathing practices.

Additional details

  • This session is hosted by an experienced yoga instructor

  • The practice will be 1.5 hours and includes time for meditation and journaling

  • A journal for writing will be included

  • $35 per person

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